Proposed Bylaws Change 2017

What are the changes to the Bylaws?

In general, the modifications are a result of (1) updates to Chapter governance necessitated by the continued growth of the Chapter and (2) changes by NCMA to Association policy that impacts chapters. The Chapter Executive Council, after much discussion, has developed proposed changes to the bylaws that require a vote by the Chapter membership.

Why make changes to Chapter governance?

The Dulles Corridor Chapter, now the third largest NCMA chapter, has seen a major increase in members over the past several years. Since 2015 the Chapter has experienced double-digit growth year-over-year, with 781 members as of January compared to 348 in 2014.

As the Chapter grows, it must ensure a structure is in place to support the professional needs of its members. As those needs increase, it is necessary to involve more volunteers to handle the increased workload. In addition, the Chapter must have a succession plan in place to maintain momentum going forward. Finally, sound financial controls are required to ensure the Chapter can fully account for Chapter funds and that the Chapter volunteers use the funds properly.

What are the changes to ensure good Chapter governance?

In addition to the present slate of eight officers, the proposed bylaws add a President-Elect position. The President-Elect will assume the Chapter President position upon completion of the current Chapter President’s term. By creating this new position, the Chapter maintains continuity since the President-Elect has the opportunity to work with the Chapter President, ensuring a seamless transition year to year. The President-Elect is elected by the Chapter membership.

Another proposed change is to the Chapter’s Council of Advisors. The council will include the past two Chapter Presidents, further increasing the level of continuity of Chapter operations.

The proposed bylaws also add a new Chapter Director position of Controller. This will help improve financial controls by ensuring more than one person is involved in the Chapter’s finances. The Controller will assume some of the duties currently performed by the Treasurer, creating a segregation of duties that will reduce the risk of improper use of Chapter funds.

The Communications Director position, created in 2015, has responsibility for all the Chapter’s online presence, including the website, online event registration, email, newsletters, and the Chapter’s social media sites. These duties are too burdensome for one volunteer so the proposed bylaws split this position into three: Registrations Director, Marketing Director, and Social Media Director.

NCMA streamlined its awards and honors program a couple of years ago by eliminating many awards. Therefore, a dedicated volunteer to track award nominations is no longer necessary so the proposed bylaws eliminate the Awards and Honors Director position.

Finally, Chapter directors, who Chapter officers appoint, will no longer have a vote on the Executive Council. This will prevent a scenario where unelected people could, with the cooperation of one or two officers, take over the operations of the Chapter.

What changes are driven by NCMA?

Over the past year NCMA revised Association Policy, specifically Section 1-2 (NCMA Bylaws), Section 5-7 (Chapter Policies), and Section 5-11 (Conflict of Interest Policy). The changes require all chapters to incorporate into their bylaws:

  • A chapter officer term of either one or two years.
  • A term limit of two elected terms for the same officer position.
  • A maximum of four consecutive years of service by one person for the same officer position.
  • A requirement for all chapter officers, directors, and committee members to annually review and sign NCMA’s Conflict of Interest policy.

NCMA is requiring all chapters to comply with the officer terms and limits no later than April 30, 2017.

How does NCMA’s changes impact the Chapter’s Bylaws?

Currently, the bylaws set a term of one year for officers and directors with a limit of three terms (years). The proposed Chapter Bylaws reflect the following:

  • The Chapter President and President-Elect serve one-year terms. A Chapter member elected as President-Elect will ultimately serve two years after moving into the Chapter President role the following year.
  • All other Chapter officers serve a one-year term with the option to extend the term to two years.
  • Chapter officers may serve one additional term for the same officer position.
  • A Chapter member may not service in the same officer position for more than four consecutive years.
  • Chapter directors continue to serve one-year terms.

The proposed bylaws also include the new requirements related to NCMA’s revised Conflict of Interest policy.

Where can I review the proposed Bylaws?

The following documents are available for you to review prior to voting:

Voting Instructions

All NCMA members affiliated with the Dulles Corridor Chapter as of the January 2017 membership roster are eligible to vote. Chapter members will receive an email from a service called “Ballot Bin” that contains instructions and a link to vote. An affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of members who vote is required to adopt the proposed bylaws.

Voting starts Friday, February 10, 2017 and ends on Friday, February 24, 2017. Results will appear in the March newsletter.


If you have any questions feel free to contact Chapter President Michael Shingledecker at or any member of the Chapter Executive Council. Click here for a list and email addresses.