Contract professionals who have mastered the majority of the contract management competencies in the Contract Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK), extensive business education and training, and a minimum of 5 years of experience can apply for the Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM) certification.

The Dulles Corridor Chapter is offering a comprehensive study group to help prepare for the exam.

NOTE: This study group prepares the student to take the CPCM exam based on the 4th edition of the CMBOK. The 5th edition of the CMBOK is now available and NCMA will change the CPCM exam in 2018. If you participate in this study group you should take the exam before January 2018 to get the most out of the group.

Register today to secure your seat – space is limited! You will earn 3 CPE credits for every class attended which you can use towards the required 120 CPE credits to sit for the exam!

Study Group Location

Reston Association Conference Center, 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20191

Study Group Dates & Times

Most Saturdays from October 14, 2017 to December 2, 2017, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Exam Date: Saturday, December 9, 2017, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Course Schedule

Week Date Material Covered
Week 1 October 14 1.1 Laws and Regulations

1.2 Contract Principles

1.3 Standards of Conduct

1.4 Socioeconomic Programs

1.5 Contract Structures

1.6 Contracting Methods

1.7 Contract Financing

1.8 Intellectual Property

Week 2 October 21 2.1 Acquisition Planning/Market Research/Marketing

2.2 Drafting Solicitations

2.3 Responding to Solicitations

2.4 Cost and Price Analysis

2.5 Negotiation

2.6 Source Selection & Contract Award

2.7 Protests

Week 3 October 28 3.1 Contract Administration

3.2 Quality Assurance

3.3 Subcontract Management

3.4 Contract Changes and Modifications

Week 4 November 4 3.5 Transportation

3.6 Contract Interpretation & Disputes

3.7 Contract Closeout

3.8 Contract Termination & Excusable Delay

**Midpoint Review**

Week 5 November 11

**Veterans Day**

4.1 Research and Development

4.2 Architect-Engineer Services and Construction

4.3 Information Technology

4.4 Major Systems

4.5 Service Contracts

4.6 International Contracting

4.7 State and Local Government

4.8 Supply Chain

4.9 Government Property

4.10 Other Specialized Areas

Week 6 November 18 5.1 Management

5.2 Leadership Skills

5.3 Marketing

5.4 Operations Management

5.5 Finance Analysis

5.6 Accounting

5.7 Economics

5.8 Information Science/IT

Week 7 December 2 **Final Review and Practice Exam**
Week 8 December 9 CPCM Exam

Study Group Cost

Total Cost for NCMA members participating in the study group

  • $75 Study Group Fee (9 Sessions) payable to the Chapter
  • $75 for the CPCM Study Guide, 3rd Edition (purchased by students; click here to buy from NCMA)
  • $199 CPCM Application Fee (submitted directly to NCMA by students; click here for an application)
  • $50 CPCM Exam Sitting Fee (collected by the Chapter upon approval of CPCM application by NCMA)

Total Investment: $399

Comparison to “Going Alone”

  • $75 for the CPCM Study Guide 3rd Edition
  • $199 CPCM Application Fee
  • $125 CPCM Exam Sitting Fee

Total Investment: $399

So why wouldn’t you register for the NCMA Dulles Corridor CPCM Study Group? For the same price, you will benefit from weeks of instruction which data has shown greatly improves CPCM exam pass rates!

Your Commitment

Attendance at study group sessions (please provide advance notice of scheduled absences) and completion of class assignments for each session is required. This ensures that you are well prepared for the exam!

Please direct any questions to Katrice Walker, Certifications Director by emailing her at

We look forward to helping you with your professional development!

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